CRM Data Analyst.

Stop spending hours per week building manual reports.

Let Data Parrot do the work for you.

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Grow your Business
with AI Powered CRM Analytics.

Forecast with Confidence

Data Parrot analyzes key deal signals, instantly revealing your forecast's strengths and weaknesses.

Rewind your Pipeline

Ditch those weekly spreadsheet exports. Data Parrot shows exactly what changed in your pipeline.

Spot Coaching Opportunities

Don't wait until your sales team asks for help. Data Parrot highlights critical activities so you can take action before it's too late.

10x your Sales Meetings

Stop spending hours preparing for your sales meeting. Data Parrot gives you AI driven insights so you use this precious time to focus on strategy and winning deals.

Reveal Key Trends

Data Parrot reveals key trends happening with your customers. Pricing issues? Emerging competitor? Product complaints? Data Parrot will let you know.

Proactive Notifications

Get key updates delivered directly to your email, Slack, or Teams; highlighting the most critical updates so you can take action.

Integrate with your CRM

Data Parrot AI feedback is automatically synced to your CRM tool so you can enrich existing reports or even take action with workflows.

Zero Setup

Connect your CRM and Data Parrot automates the rest. No weeks or months of custom implementation for complex software that requires dedicated headcount to maintain.

CRM Reporting is
Holding Companies Back.


Hours Lost Every Week to Manual Reporting


Objectives that Fail due to Poor Reporting


Companies with no CRM Analyst support

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